Are YouTube Views Unique? (Answered)

With video being one of the most popular forms of content to consume due to how easy and accessible it is nowadays. At the forefront of digital video is YouTube, having over 2 billion logged-in users every month according to Hootsuite. With this in mind, you’re probably wondering how accurate the YouTube view counter is, and if all the views are shown are unique.

Yes, YouTube views are unique. According to research conducted by Richie Holland, YouTube counts unique views by IP address, so if you watch the same video twice in the same place, it will only show as one view. In addition to this, it is believed that the same occurs for logged in users.

If you’d like to further understand what this means, keep on reading.

IP Address

As I’ve said above, according to research conducted by Co-founder of VITASCOPE, Richie Holland, YouTube detects your IP address in order to limit the amount of views you can give a single video. An IP address is determined by your location and can be blocked by using a VPN like BulletVPN. I presume that YouTube does this so that you cannot increase the view count of your own videos just by refreshing the page frequently.

Logged In Users

In addition to this, if you are logged into your YouTube (Google) account, YouTube will count your view as unique even if your IP address is different. This is most likely in place to stop the same thing happening as discussed above.