Vumoo: Is it legal and safe to use?

WARNING: Vumoo is illegal to access and use, if you are going to use it, we recommend using a secure VPN like BulletVPN.

An overview of Vumoo

Vumoo is an illegal online streaming site similar to 123Movies, it is most probably created by the same people since there are a lot of similarities. Vumoo became popular in early 2019 as a replacement to other streaming sites which were shut down. The most popular domain name used to access Vumoo is ‘‘.

Is Vumoo legal?

As you most probably already know, Vumoo is not legal since it breaks many international copyright laws for the distribution of pirated videos. These include films (movies) and tv shows.

Websites like Vumoo often get shut down for breaching these laws.

Will anything happen to me if I use Vumoo?

Accessing copyrighted content with intent is a crime and is punishable in many jurisdictions with fines or even jail time. For this reason, you should be careful when thinking about watching Movies or TV Shows on Vumoo.

In my opinion, it isn’t worth the risk, and for this reason, I use regulated and legal streaming services like Amazon Prime Video & Netflix.

How does Vumoo work?

Vumoo is essentially a search engine for illegal copyrighted video content. It grabs the videos from elsewhere and plays them on the website. It does this using something called a Torrent.

When you access Vumoo, you are basically provided with a list of trending Movies and TV Shows elsewhere on the internet. When you click on one of these videos, Vumoo will open an ad and then let you watch the video illegally.

You should be careful though, some of the links on these sites may give you viruses, so it is best not to use them – they are unsafe.

Does Vumoo have ads?

Vumoo generates revenue from playing advertisements on the videos and by placing them across the website(s) in various locations. This is the reason why most of these illegal streaming websites are set up in the first place.

Vumoo Video Quality

In spite of the fact it is an illegal site, there are many HD videos available on Vumoo, this is mainly due to the rise in digital media creation. Before this, pirate videos tended to be low quality as they were filmed in the cinema, but not anymore.

Vumoo App

So, you may be wondering if Vumoo has a mobile app which you can use to watch movies on the go. The answer is no, Vumoo does not have an app for IOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android (Google Play/apk). If you want to watch series and videos on the go, I recommend checking out the Amazon Prime Video free trial.

Vumoo Download

You can download files from Vumoo by using apps but we do not recommend doing this by any means, it is highly illegal.

Popular Movies & Series on Vumoo

Here are some of the popular movies and TV series which users claim to be available on the site:

Sites like Vumoo (Alternatives)

Naturally, there are many other websites exactly like Vumoo which allow you to access pirate Movies & TV Shows.

DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend that you visit any of the following websites, they are all illegal and you may be prosecuted for accessing the content on them

Related domains for Vumoo include,,, Vumoo.iz,,

Vumoo Compatible Devices & Operating Systems

  • Mac
  • Android
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • Firestick
  • PC
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10

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