5 Ways to Use TikTok for Business (Infographic)

TikTok is a trending social media app which lets you post short videos with music in the background.

But how can you use TikTok to grow your business? Find out today with our detailed infographic below.

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Don’t want to read the infographic? Here’s the text version:

1. Be Relevant

People will know if you’re videos are just promotions – and you won’t create a following. Try to create content which people understand. Follow the trends, and you’ll build a following

2. Become a Personality

Since TikTok is extremely visual, it would be hard to grow your business without showing your face. Build some rapport with users on TikTok, this way, your content is more likely to get shared and ultimately your business will grow faster.

3. Engage with Others

One of the most common mistakes advertisers make is making promotions one way. You’ll see drastically better results if you engage with other people’s content such as liking and commenting on their videos.

4. Make People Laugh

Business doesn’t always have to be serious. (Most) people have a sense of humour and by appealing to this, you’ll be able to create a following which you can then use later to promote products to (subtlety).

5. Go Behind the Scenes

It’s common knowledge that people like to see what goes on behind the curtains. Got an office? Try filming some videos there – people will love it as it’s not what you see everyday! Being transparent is the key to a successful online business.

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