Why and Where are Selfie Sticks Banned? (Revealed)

Selfie sticks are one of those gadgets which make you think – ‘just why?’. Anyway, moving on from my predisposition towards these long annoying sticks, let’s look at why they’re banned and where you might be prohibited from using them.

Couple using Selfie Stick

Why are they banned?

There are several reasons why people don’t allow the use of selfie sticks, some more relevant than others. Without further ado, here are the main reasons selfie sticks are banned.

Safety concerns

Let’s be real – when have long metal sticks been a safe thing? It’s common sense that these things can be dangerous in confined spaces. There are also concerns about people using them in dangerous places to get a cool picture, and then injuring, or even killing themselves accidentally. A man was even killed in 2015 by being struck by lighting when using a selfie stick in the Brecon Beacons. To summarise, these are the main safety risks:

  • Using the stick in unsafe places, risk of injury & death
  • Hitting people with the stick in close spaces
  • Potential eye damage to others when using

Visual obstruction

Selfie sticks can ruin the experience of the view for other visitors to the place/attraction. They can get in the way of other people’s photos or just generally get in the way of one’s view. This is sometimes even worse because, unfortunately, they come in a range of different bright colours.

Annoying Selfie Stick

Antisocial behaviour

Now, this strictly isn’t a reason as to why selfie sticks are banned – but it’s definitely a point worth mentioning. Selfie sticks are stopping people from being sociable and just asking someone to take a photo for them! You wouldn’t believe the connections people make this way. You never know who you might bump into – put the stick down and start talking.

Where are Selfie Sticks banned?

Selfie sticks are becoming more widely banned across the world, with some locations more common than others. From some personal experience and research, below are the most frequent places for selfie sticks to be banned.

Art galleries

You’ll struggle to whip out a selfie stick in the home of art – it’s almost a definite. Some galleries don’t even allow talking – can you imagine the reaction you would get if you started to use one? Another main reason as to why they are banned in art galleries is because you may damage the artwork. Paintings are delicate by nature, and usually extremely valuable, so they don’t want to risk you damaging them. One of the major galleries where this is the case is the National Gallery in London. Selfie sticks were banned at the National Gallery in 2015.

Art Gallery

Football stadiums

Football stadiums often have large pockets of confined crowds which is one of the most dangerous places to get out your selfie stick. Another risk at Football clubs is that malicious supporters could throw it onto the pitch and potentially injure players. A notable case of selfie sticks being banned at Football stadiums is at Tottenham’s ‘White Hart Lane’ after some fans lashed out at the club claiming that the sticks were running visitor experience.

Football Stadium

South Korea

This time it is a whole country. In 2014, the South Korean government clamped down on the use of selfie sticks and said that anyone who uses one could face three years in prison or a $27,000 fine – that’s hefty! So next time you’re heading to South Korea – forget the selfie stick.

South Korea

Tips to use selfie sticks safely

Even though they’re banned in many different locations, people will still naturally want to use selfie sticks for the gram. With this in mind, here are some tips on how to stay safe when using a selfie stick.

  • Don’t use in confined spaces
  • Only use in safe areas
  • Don’t lean over edges
  • Watch for others around you

It’s common sense really, just be aware of what’s going on around you when using a selfie stick, you never know who you might hurt or where you might be stepping.


Selfie sticks can be a great way of getting unique photos and saving some of those nice memories, but you have to be really careful where you use them and how you use them to ensure you and nobody else gets hurt or annoyed. As a rule of thumb, just be careful. If you found this article useful, like and share it on socials, I’d really appreciate it!