Do Range Rovers have Apple CarPlay?

Range Rovers are one of the most popular SUVs on the market, produced by Land Rover. Mobile connectivity is all the rave nowadays, and many people wonder if Range Rovers have Apple CarPlay, a revolutionary system which basically lets you use your phone from the main vehicle dashboard.

Yes, as standard, all new Range Rovers come with Apple CarPlay built-in. All models from 2019 onwards include the Apple CarPlay connectivity system and all models before do not have the system.

This is officially stated on the Land Rover website.

Why do you need Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay allows you to do many things to streamline your day-day routine. The main reason people use Apple CarPlay is for using handsfree and Maps as an alternative to a sat-nav.

Apple CarPlay implements the IOS software into the vehicle meaning that you can use your iPhone when you’re in your vehicle (not when driving though!).

Here are my personal favourite features of Apple CarPlay:


Maps on Apple CarPlay

There’s really no need for a sat-nav anymore with the availability of Maps on Apple CarPlay. It’s smooth, smart and extremely easy to use. You can even use your voice to activate it with Siri – that’s incredible.


Using handsfree has been popular for years, but the Apple CarPlay phone system is far more easy to use. Again, you can make new calls, listen to voicemails and more using Siri (voice activated).


The radio can get a bit samey, we all know that. The majority of people prefer to listen to their own music when driving (especially in a range rover with those incredible speakers). Apple CarPlay lets you play music directly from the main screen as well as allowing you to use Spotify and other music streaming apps aside from the main Apple Music app.

How to use Apple CarPlay in a Range Rover

Getting started with the Apple CarPlay system in a Range Rover is simple and can be done in minutes.

  1. Activate CarPlay & Siri on your iPhone
  2. Connect your iPhone to your Range Rover’s built-in USB port with a genuine cable
  3. Select Apple CarPlay from the InControl screen when you start up your Range Rover
  4. Unlock iPhone and select ‘Allow’ when prompted
  5. It’s all connected now, you should be able to use all the features of Apple CarPlay in your Range Rover

Related Questions

There are of course other questions you may have regarding Apple CarPlay in Range Rovers, here are the most common:

Do I need an iPhone to use Apple CarPlay?

Yes, you need an Apple iPhone to use Apple CarPlay in a Range Rover, although, you can use their regular built-in system if you do not have an iPhone.

Is Apple CarPlay an extra on Range Rovers?

No, Apple CarPlay comes as standard on all new Range Rovers & Land Rovers.

Is it legal to use Apple CarPlay?

It depends on your jurisdiction, but it is usually illegal to use (touch the screen) Apple CarPlay when driving although you can do most things with your voice with Siri.