Do Range Rovers have Trackers? (Uncovered)

Being able to find your Range Rover if it gets stolen is extremely important since they come with a hefty price tag and are many people’s prized possessions. So today, I’m going to be exploring the tracker systems on Range Rovers.

As standard, Range Rovers are fitted with Land Rover’s Thatcham Category 6 Stolen Vehicle Tracking System. This tracker is used to locate your vehicle should it be stolen. This tracker usually decreases the insurance cost for your Range Rover.

Do all Range Rovers have trackers?

Not all Range Rovers have a Tracker fitted. It is important to check your vehicle to properly determine if you have a tracker fitted. The majority of modern Range Rovers do have the tracker though.

How to find out if your Range Rover has a tracker

To find out if your Range Rover is fitted with a tracker, go to your local Land Rover dealership and ask them to take a look for you, they are the only people who can give you a final answer as you will struggle to find it on your own.