Do Nintendo Switches Have Bluetooth? (Answered)

The Nintendo Switch brings the joys of the Nintendo console to any journey. The portable device has become extremely popular over the years and some people are wondering; do Nintendo Switches have Bluetooth?

No, Nintendo Switches do not have Bluetooth built-in to the device. On the other hand, there are ways in which you can get around this with 3rd party adapters. Keep reading to find out how.

So you may be a little bit disappointed to learn that the Switch doesn’t have Bluetooth compatibility, but fear not, I can help you with this.

So the way around this is by purchasing the GuliKit Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter on Amazon, all you do is plug this into your Switch’s USB port and then you can use it with any wireless headphones.

GuliKit Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

Once you’ve bought the adapter, use this video to help you get it set up:

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth