N26 can’t verify documents? Try these fixes

Struggling to get your documents verified on N26? Well, today I’m going to show you some of the most common causes and how to fix the issue.

Get a clear picture

One of the most common reasons that ID documents are rejected on N26 is because the quality of the image is too low and therefore they cannot be properly verified. For best results, take the picture in a well-lit area and try to your phone as steadily as possible. These aspects will ensure that you get the clearest shot possible, and therefore have the most chance of getting your documents verified.

Are your documents in date?

Most companies, including N26, will require documents that are in-date and thus valid. Make sure that your document is in date, and you’ll have a better chance of your documents getting validated. As a general rule, for address verification, you should always use a document within 3 months.

Details don’t match

In order for your documents to be verified, they have to match up with the details you provided when signing up to N26. If they don’t, your documents will almost definitely be rejected.