Jooicer Review: Get targeted Twitter followers everyday

Jooicer is an automated Twitter growth service aimed at helping you build targeted followers every single day.

DescriptionTwitter growth service
Price$39 – $99 USD

What can Jooicer do?

Jooicer is a very simple and easy-to-use software which completes automated actions to help you grow your Twitter account.

1. Follow accounts by Keyword in bio

You can select up to 5 keywords that Jooicer will track and follow accounts which have that keyword in their bio. Its not as simple as it sounds though, they have an advanced algorithm which detects which accounts are most likely to follow you back.

2. Unfollow accounts which don’t follow you back

This optional setting means that you can keep the number of accounts you follow down as it unfollows any account which doesn’t follow you back within a certain time frame.

3. Follow followers of another account

This is a really handy feature which lets you automatically follows users which follow an account of your choosing. This is especially effective when you set the target account as a competitor, this way, people that are interested in your product will get notified about you following them – it’s a nice way of targeted advertising.

4. Follow users by keyword in tweet

You can also set Jooicer to follow users which tweet with a keyword of your choice. For example, let’s say you run a coffee business online and want to sell more coffee – you could set Jooicer to follow accounts which tweet with the word ‘Coffee’ – it’s cool right?

Jooicer pricing

Jooicer offers 3 main plans which offer varied levels of functions and abilities with the app.

You’ll be pleased to know that they have a 100% free plan which doesn’t require a Credit Card on sign up – meaning that you can get started without committing anything financially.

Jooicer Pricing Plans

If you really want to get serious with your Twitter growth, $99/month isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

According to their website, some clients receive up to 2000 new followers per month using Jooicer – this amount of targeted followers would cost you a lot more than $99 with regular advertising – so for this reason I feel like the service is fairly priced.

It’s also good to see that it is billed monthly with no contract so that if you don’t feel like you’re getting bang for your buck, you can always cancel.

To start with, I think the ‘Intelligence‘ plan with up to 300 daily follows is ideal for the majority of businesses.

Is Jooicer safe?

Now I’m sure that another thing on your mind is whether or not Jooicer is a safe app to use with your Twitter account – at the end of the day, you don’t want to end up with a suspended account or leaked info.

Yes, Jooicer is safe to use.

Most importantly, all the app can do with your Twitter account is follow and unfollow accounts, it can’t see any of your data.

In addition, the Jooicer team use something called Zoho Vault which protects your Jooicer login credentials.

Getting started

Setting up Jooicer is really simple and only takes a few minutes (I did it in less than 5).

Signing up

First of all, head over to and press the ‘Get Started for Free’ button.

You’ll then be taken to a page which looks like this:

Jooicer Sign Up

On this page, you’ve just got to enter your name, an email address and a password of your choice and then hit ‘Sign Up’.

You’ll be automatically redirected to your account dashboard where you can link your account and get started growing your followers.

Don’t forget to head over to your email to verify your address.

Overall, I like how simple and easy the sign up process is, there’s nothing worse than a time-consuming process when it doesn’t need to be.

Connecting to Twitter

Now it’s time to connect your Twitter account. I have to say, it was very easy and un-stressful which is what I like to see.

From the main Jooicer dashboard, there’s a green button on the right hand side which says ‘Add a Twitter account to this slot’ – press this button.

Adding a Twitter Account on Jooicer

You’ll then see a box appear where you need to enter your Twitter handle (this is your username which you can find in your Twitter settings or on your profile.

How to find your Twitter handle

Enter your Twitter handle in the box provided on Jooicer and make sure you agree to the terms and conditions and press ‘Connect’.

Twitter Handle Jooicer

Once you complete those steps, you’ll be redirected to Twitter where you have to login and authorise the app so it can follow & unfollow for you.

Nice, you’re all set up.

Adjusting settings

Similarly to using any Twitter growth service, it’s important that you get the settings right to make sure that you are making the most of it and getting the best growth possible.

Jooicer has a nice intuitive design which makes editing the settings for the app damn simple.

By going to ‘Module Settings’ in the left sidebar, you can access the entire app’s settings.

From this page, you’ll find it easy to manage the app – I definitely did.

Action logs

It’s all well and good being able to follow people automatically, but what if you need to see who you followed & unfollowed?

Fear not. Jooicer has this covered too, there’s an ‘Actions’ tab in the app which shows you each and every action performed by Jooicer with you connected account.

This is useful to track how well it’s performing as well as checking to see if it’s active.

If you set Jooicer up correctly, you should start to see things showing up in this section within an hour or two.

Premium modules

As you know from earlier in this review, Jooicer offer a 100% free account which is suitable for testing it out, but it doesn’t quite let you use the app to it’s full potential.

There are several premium modules which you can activate by upgrading to one of Jooicer’s paid plans (min $39/month).

Jooicer Premium Modules

I like the fact that with the premium plans you can set up a Whitelist and Blacklist which helps you better curate the accounts you follow/unfollow, meaning that you can keep your Twitter account looking professional – this is the main preventative feature Jooicer has in place to stop your Twitter account from looking spammy.


Jooicer is well designed in general – I like the simplicity of it as it make it nice and easy to use.

It doesn’t lag, is fully functional and efficient to navigate.

I do think they could step up their branding a bit, but that doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, it does what it says on the tin!

Jooicer Support

A good support service separates the good from the bad when it comes to any online service.

Jooicer offers a live chat and help docs (although I couldn’t get the docs to open properly).

According to the live chat box, the Jooicer support team usually replies to queries within a few hours, which is good to see.

Jooicer Live Chat


To conclude, I think that Jooicer is a fully functional, intuitive Twitter growth service which provides all the necessary features to help you grow your following organically and automatically.

There’s no need to trust my judgement though, you can sign up completely free of charge without having to provide any card details.