Instagram Won’t Let Me Post! (3 Easy-Fixes)

Got an awesome pic or video that you want to post but Instagram won’t let you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – a lot of people have this issue worldwide. There are many different reasons why you might not be able to post on Instagram.

In this post, I’ll be going through the most common reasons and showing you three quick methods which usually do the trick of fixing the issue you’re facing.

Why won’t Instagram let me post?

Most of the time, it’s not Instagram’s fault as to why you can’t post. There is a multitude of things which might not be letting you post on the popular social media app.

1: No Internet

If you haven’t got a valid or quick internet connection, you probably won’t be able to post on Instagram. Even when your phone shows that you have 4G or WiFi, it may not actually be connected properly.

How to fix: Try turning on Airplane mode on/off on your device and if that doesn’t work, try restarting your device and re-connecting to the internet.

2: File size too large

Sometimes Instagram doesn’t let you post because the file you are trying to upload is just too big. This can happen with HQ videos and 4K images frequently. In most cases, it will just take longer to post, but sometimes it may not work completely.

How to fix: To rectify this issue, compress the image using an app or alternatively, upload it to your Mac/PC and resize the file there.

3. Full data cache

This is a bug on Instagram’s side which sometimes stop people from being able to post. It can be one of the most common causes of this error on Insta but is really easy to fix.

How to fix: To fix this error, head over to your device Settings > General > iPhone Storage. From there, tap on ‘Instagram’ and once on the app settings, click ‘Offload App‘.

Still can’t fix it?

If none of those work, you’re probably extremely frustrated now and feeling like you’re done with Instagram right? For a final solution, try accessing your account on someone else’s device and try posting from there – if it still doesn’t work, then your account is most likely restricted.