How to add a line break on Instagram

Even though the Instagram App is one of the most popular apps in the world, many users find it difficult to do simple tasks such as add a line break on a caption or in a bio.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to add line breaks on Instagram on ANY device.

What is a line break?

A line break is simply text on a new line, below the previous line.

Here’s an example of an Instagram line break:

Where can you add a line break?

You can add a line break to the following places on Instagram.

  • Bio
  • Caption

Why might you need to add a line break?

Adding a line break is useful for a number of reasons. Essentially, it makes your caption or bio more clear, and therefore can increase conversions and generally makes your Instagram look better.

How to add a line break to a caption on Instagram

Adding a line break on Instagram is easy and only takes a few seconds.

Method 1: Notes App (Apple devices only)

Got an iPhone or iPad? This method is perfect for you.

Step 1: Open the Notes app

Step 2: Type in your desired caption

Step 3: Add spaces where you want to have the line breaks

Step 4: Highlight the entire caption, hold down and select ‘Copy’

Step 5: Open the Instagram app and create your post

Step 6: When prompted, paste the text you made in the Notes app in the Caption box

Step 7: Post! That’s it – you should now see a properly formatted line break in your Instagram caption

Already made the post and want to edit it? That’s fine, just follow the steps up to number 4 and instead, click edit on the post you want to edit and then paste it in there instead.

Method 2: Google Keep (Android users)

Use an Android/Google device? Don’t worry, you can still add line breaks on Instagram.

Step 1: Download the free Google Keep App

Step 2: Create a new blank note on the app

Step 3: Write your caption

Step 4: Add spaces where you want line breaks

Step 5: Copy the entire caption from the Google Keep App

Step 6: Paste into the caption box on Instagram

Step 7: Post. That’s it, you’ve successfully added a line break on Instagram

Method 3: Special Characters & Emojis (All devices)

This method still works by breaking up the post, but it doesn’t look as clean as the previous method in my opinion.

Step 1: Open the Instagram App and go to make a post

Step 2: In the caption box, write the first line of your caption

Step 3: Press the return key on your device

Step 4: Add a character like • or an emoji such as ➖

Step 5: Press the return button once more

Step 6: Repeat until necessary

Step 7: Post – you should see a nice line break with an emoji or charter separating the lines.

How to add a line break in an Instagram bio

Adding a line break to your Instagram bio is a must in my opinion, unless you have a short bio. Did you know that you can also add #s to your bio and get found by other Instagram users?

You can add a line break to both Personal and Business profiles on Instagram.

You must use a Mobile Device or Tablet to add a line break to an Instagram bio – you cannot do it on Desktop.

Step 1: Click ‘Edit Profile

Step 2: Click on ‘Bio

Step 3: Write the first line of your bio, then press return on your keypad (for Apple devices, you have to press the ‘123’ key first)

Step 4: Repeat where necessary

Step 5: Click ‘Save’

You should now have a perfectly formed Instagram bio – nice!

Did you get it sorted?

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