How to Screenshot an Instagram DM without them knowing

Got something juicy you want to share with your mates but don’t want to get caught? Today I’m going to help you sort it out.

You don’t need to do anything to protect yourself from being caught screenshotting an Instagram DM because it doesn’t tell the person that you took a screenshot. The only time people are able to see if you screenshot on Instagram is with stories.

Unsure? Here’s some proof

I know you may be a little sceptical about some random information you found online, and you really don’t want the person to find out if you screenshot, so here’s a test I did to prove that they won’t be able to see.

So I sent a simple message saying ‘Hi’ to the other Instagram account which I set up for this test.

Then I replied to myself with the other account and took a screenshot.

As you can see within the image below, there’s no notification to say that the other account took a screenshot.

Stay hidden

Now that you know that you can take a screenshot on Instagram without them knowing, you can go ahead and share that gossip!

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