Can Hoverboards Ride on Gravel? (With 3 Tips)

Hoverboards are one of those things you get as a gift, use once and then put at the back of the cupboard. On the other hand, some people really enjoy using them and want to use them on gravel so let’s take a look at how effective they are on gravel.

It depends on the size of the gravel – Hoverboards can ride on small gravel but struggle on larger sized gravel. It also depends on the size of your Hoverboard’s wheels and the tread they have.

That sinking feeling

You know when you’re walking on gravel and you feel that ‘sinking feeling’ – that’s because gravel generally isn’t a very hard surface to walk on, and the gravel moves from under your foot. This is exactly the same case with Hoverboards when you try to ride them on gravel, they sink into the stones and don’t move that well.

Tips to ride your Hoverboard on gravel

There are ways in which you can make your gravel-ride that bit smoother, let’s take a look at them:

Get a hoverboard with bigger wheels

The larger the wheels, the easier it will be to ride your Hoverboard on gravel. This is because they have a larger surface area and therefore sink less into the gravel.

Take it slow

Riding your board quickly on gravel may break your Hoverboard, take it slower than you would on a hard surface to prevent damage to the Hoverboard.

Ride on smaller gravel

The larger the gravel pieces, the harder it will be to ride your Hoverboard. For best results, find a gravelled surface with small pieces. Do be careful though, the gravel pieces may get into the machinery of your Hoverboard and ruin it.

Using a Hoverboard on gravel (Video)

Riding a Hoverboard on Gravel

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