100+ Funny WhatsApp Statuses

Finding it difficult to think of a funny WhatsApp status? We’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of over 100 funny WhatsApp statuses you can use right away.

Disclaimer: The following text is a list of quotes meant for entertainment purposes only. We will not be held liable for any actions which may occur from using the statuses provided on this page.

Funny WhatsApp Status Ideas

  1. Hey there! WhatsApp is using me.
  2. If it says ‘read’, it’s lying.
  3. What’s an app?
  4. I’m watching you.
  5. Bring me food.
  6. WhatsApp is cool, but have you tried talking?
  7. How do you use the WhatsApps?
  8. Don’t lie – I saw you online.
  9. Hey there! I don’t use WhatsApp – call me on my mobile.
  10. Leave me a message, I’ll never read it.
  11. What’s better than WhatsApp? Everything.
  12. Climbing up mount everestttahhhhh.
  13. Don’t WhatsApp and drive.
  14. Online tomorrow.
  15. I hate bad grammer.
  16. WhatsApp is for losers.
  17. Do not disturb if you enjoy life.
  18. Hey there! It’s Mark Z.
  19. WhatsUpp
  20. I just got scared, I saw your profile.
  21. Oh no, you have my number.
  22. I’m trapped, let me out.
  23. Call me so I don’t have to work.
  24. [redacted]
  25. Message me and I’ll block you.
  26. Grab me a coffee, then we can talk.
  27. Enjoying the outdoors, unlike you.
  28. Enter status here.
  29. If you can read this, well done, you can read.
  30. Waiting for you to message me.
  31. Did you know? No, neither did I.
  32. Join the clan.
  33. Swiper, no swiping!
  34. If you hack me…I feel bad for you, cause I have no life.
  35. Putting makeup on, speak next year.
  36. Do you know how to add a WhatsApp status?
  37. Hi dear, lovely pictures of the children. Love Gran x
  38. My dog ate my status.
  39. Buy me a beer, and I’ll love you forever.
  40. It’s cold out here in space.
  41. Cooking dinner, jokes, the wife is.
  42. Get over it. I’m on WhatsApp.
  43. Lying in bed thinking of you…
  44. Buy me chocolate and I’ll love you forever.
  45. Selling my WhatsApp account – serious offers only.
  46. Couldn’t think of a good status.
  47. In my coffin – what’s it like out there?
  48. Feeling tired, of you.
  49. Let me know when you get WhatsApp.
  50. Have you seen the news? Yes – that’s me.
  51. Might go offline now, you’re boring me.
  52. I’m beautiful, you know it.
  53. You shouldn’t judge someone by their status.
  54. I like doing a lot of things, that’s why I’m always active on here
  55. Working at Cambridge Analytica.
  56. Waiting for you to reply.
  57. My girlfriend doesn’t like me messaging other girls, so call me instead.
  58. I’m an addict….of tea.
  59. Stop being anti-social.
  60. Don’t you just hate it when people are on their phones?
  61. I’m crazy, about me.
  62. Meowwwww.
  63. You make me want to delete this app.
  64. Someone message me :(.
  65. Marry me!
  66. I’m bored of this app.
  67. Running………….late.
  68. Don’t send me paragraphs.
  69. I feel less wise than yesterday.
  70. Feeling bloated, need more food!
  71. Enjoying a nice bath owhvoci@g&r*
  72. Yes, I know I look good.
  73. Get your nose out.
  74. Turn off your phone screen for a fright.
  75. I’m feeling a bit tipdsy.
  76. Listening to myself. I’m the only one who makes sense.
  77. With my annoying family.
  78. I’m behind you.
  79. No, I’m not Boris Johnson. I’m just old and ugly.
  80. Giving away free money. Message 07287 I GOT YOU.
  81. Yes, I’m naturally funny.
  82. Thought of this status myself.
  83. Another day older….
  84. Do you sometimes wonder why you’re so dumb? I do.
  85. My gerbil wrote this.
  86. Running into work, ouch!
  87. Just thought I’d message you, then I couldn’t be bothered.
  88. My hair is longer than my attention span.
  89. Drop me a message, make sure it doesn’t break though.
  90. Always hungover. How about you?
  91. What’s that on your head? You touched it, didn’t you?
  92. Training for a marathon, one that involves a lot of pizza.
  93. I run into a problem, it hurt.
  94. I know, my profile picture is brilliant.
  95. I don’t care about my WhatsApp status.
  96. I haven’t shrunk, it’s just a bad angle.
  97. Why are you so interested in my life?
  98. Nothing beats the taste of blood in the morning.
  99. Young, stupid and still more clever than you.
  100. Still snoozing. I’m a sloth alright.
  101. Writing a book, it’s about a failure – I named it after you.