142 Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat (Original Ideas)

Yeah okay – you want to create a private Snapchat story, but you’re having a hard time thinking of some funny and creative name ideas, right?

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Here are 142 private story names and ideas for Snapchat that you can use today:

  • Daily Mug
  • Cheeto Fingers
  • Nipple clamp
  • Inside the womb
  • Feather in one’s Snap
  • Pratt Story
  • It’s a Sad Story
  • Self-destruct
  • Doctor Blue
  • Fail Life
  • Two Bevs are better than one
  • The Morning After
  • Dog Trip
  • Pillow talk
  • Ideaaat
  • Wannabe
  • Lights On, Nobody Home
  • That’s all, Folks
  • Jam on toast
  • Mona lot
  • Norfolk & Chance
  • Picture This
  • Bingo
  • Hail Damage
  • Poodle in a Bikini
  • Ice bear
  • Spare Me The Details
  • Fluffy Duck
  • Better when I’m with you
  • First Degree Chicken
  • Hairless Monkey
  • Balls of Steel
  • Plant pot mad
  • Daily GaGa
  • Whoopee Woman
  • Spade in Chelsea
  • Dirt Brag
  • Bull Monty
  • Doom and Room
  • Bearded dragon
  • Snap hoc
  • ZZ plop
  • Buttery plate
  • In da house
  • Heavy Breather
  • Tortoise Salad
  • 24 Hours of Madness
  • Dog’s breakfast
  • Hannah Ray
  • Circle of Trust
  • The 12th Man
  • Won’t believe this
  • The ‘Should have deleted’ ones
  • The Ugly Stuff
  • No fat chicks
  • Me-TV
  • Out-Takes
  • Need For Weed
  • Rotten egg
  • It’s Personal
  • Adult nappies
  • Crying Monster
  • Congrats, would you like a medal?
  • Steaming
  • Hot and sticky
  • Meoww
  • Green breast
  • Follow the Leader
  • Fan Club
  • Shrooms
  • No Trolling
  • The Ways of a Wild Drunk Mess
  • Naked truffles
  • Fun funeral
  • Mr Lazy
  • Billy Goat Beard
  • Christmas is Cancelled
  • Bad Medicine
  • Creepy Crawly
  • Mememe
  • Just Did It
  • Get in my belly
  • Worst. Story. Ever.
  • Hairy Mole
  • Extra large
  • Warm toast
  • Lose Grace
  • Blue Oyster Bar
  • Braces Off
  • Shaggy Dog
  • Rock the bed
  • Boss time
  • Sex And The Lily
  • Whiteboard dreamer
  • Chunky eyebrows
  • Atomic banana
  • Beavis and Butt-Bed
  • Crispy bread
  • Apple Beer Burp
  • Camp Boxer
  • Headhunter Daily
  • The Stupid Factory
  • Smell the Coffee
  • Limp Handshake
  • Sellout
  • Piano Tuner
  • Sistine Apple
  • Prison Warden Nightmare
  • Imaginary Life
  • Smelly Lion
  • Boyfriend & Chill
  • Easy Spider
  • Mental Surgeon
  • Lunch in Prison
  • On Proud nine
  • Skipped a Beat
  • Female Diversity
  • The Daily Afro
  • Put the kettle on
  • Ewwwww
  • Lip bench
  • Because I’m worth it
  • Low gas
  • Bottomfeeder
  • Big agenda
  • Star in the making
  • Reeeee
  • Hey daddy
  • Crunchy cereal
  • Eye of the Idiot
  • Synchronised Slimming
  • Banana Phart
  • Mother Monkey
  • The Secret Turtle
  • Bread Sheeran
  • The Ironic Moosep
  • Vincent Man Gogh
  • Basket Space
  • Day of the Bed
  • Moose-up
  • Bag Me To Hell
  • Talk to the Lamp

What is a Snapchat private story?

A private story on Snapchat is a story which you can decide who sees it from your friends list. You can have as many or as little as you like to see your story. Snapchat private stories tend to be more intimate and show a bit more about your life. Stories expire 24 hours after posting, but you can delete them before that if you want.

How to make a private story on Snapchat

To make a Snapchat private story, follow the instructions below:

What makes a good Snapchat private story name?

A good private story name for Snapchat (also referred to as Sc), in my opinion, is one that stands out. The ones which stand out the most to me are cool, funny, creative, clever and savage.

Got some more names?

Leave your favourite funny private story names in the comments section, I’d love to hear them!

79 thoughts on “142 Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat (Original Ideas)”

  1. mine is “iykyk😎” (if you know you know) but someone help me come up with a new one pls 🥺

  2. Main Priv- ClownTown x
    Private Priv- SpecialisedSl*ts😜🍾
    Girlie Priv- Crackheads🥱
    Lad Priv- DumbB*tch x
    Bestie Priv- Sl*gs🤪✌️
    Bf Priv- MistakesWereMade😚🤪

  3. mine is “burts bees honey lip balm” but it used to be “extra virgin olive oil”, but then i lost my virginity so i had to change it.

  4. my sc private story is called…… you ready for this its great…………..higher than Simon cowls trousers 🙂

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