Does Facebook have a Dark Mode? (Exposed)

The rise of the dark mode has begun. This increasingly popular mode lets you view apps in dark colours rather than regular light alternatives. One of the most asked questions of late is; does Facebook have a dark mode? Today, I’m going to help clear this ambiguity up.

Facebook doesn’t currently have a dark mode on the desktop or mobile apps, although, the messenger app (Facebook’s instant messaging service) does. It is expected by many that Facebook will add a dark mode in the future.

What is dark mode?

‘Dark Mode’ is a way of viewing apps in dark colours (usually black) in order to cause less strain on your eyes at night.

Many popular apps have added a dark mode recently which was greatly appreciated by users.

Some could say that the rise of the dark mode is a result of the iOS 13.3 release in November 2019 which saw the addition of a full IOS dark mode which looks goddamn awesome if you ask me.

IOS Dark Mode

(Unofficial) ways to get dark mode on Facebook

Naturally, there are off-the-book ways to view Facebook in dark mode, but before we proceed, please be aware that some of these methods include third party services which we cannot vouch for.

Chrome extension

For Facebook desktop, you can activate dark mode with the use of a chrome extension, this is just something which changes the way you see Facebook on chrome, not any other browsers.

Get Facebook Dark Mode Chrome Extension (Free)

To use this extension, just follow the link above, install it to your browser, press enable and choose your theme (there are multiple to choose from).

Here’s a quick test I did on the Facebook home page: Dark Mode

I have to say, it’s pretty simple, 100% free and useful for those looking for a desktop Facebook dark mode.

IOS Dark Mode

Activating the main IOS dark mode for iPhones & iPads will make your Facebook notifications dark, but won’t affect the actual Facebook app, unfortunately.

I’m quite surprised by this since there are apps which work with the IOS dark mode; one of the most well known is Instagram (owned by Facebook) – weird, right?

Apps that do have a dark mode

Facebook behind the curve, never?! It’s true, many other apps have already added a dark mode feature. Below you’ll find the most popular dark mode apps.


Yup – one of Facebook’s main competitors has a dark mode. Twitter added this way back in 2016 and you can even have it automatically go to dark mode when the lights are low. I’m impressed by this innovative move by Twitter and it definitely shows Facebook up.


As expected, YouTube also offers a dark mode and it’s pretty popular. I personally think that dark mode is more important for apps like YouTube since a lot of people watch long videos at night – for this reason, it comes as no surprise to me

How about Android users?

Dark mode isn’t just an IOS thing – Google released a dark mode for Android devices in late 2019 (copying Apple are we?).

This highly awaited addition to the Google Mobile OS brings similar features that the IOS dark mode does like dark notifications and general colour changes.

So does the Android dark mode work with Facebook?

Nope, the Android dark mode also doesn’t work with Facebook – sorry!

Final word

I hope you’ve learnt a bit more about dark mode and its elusiveness with the Facebook app.

I will update this post as soon as there any developments on this front, so stay tuned.