Does Deliveroo accept PayPal?

Notice: Deliveroo doesn’t accept PayPal, if you want delivery and want to pay with PayPal in the UK, use Uber Eats and register with code eats-willh14834ue for £10 free credit.

Deliveroo is a revolutionary takeaway app which I have used multiple times in the past. Keep reading to find out if you can use PayPal on Deliveroo.

No, Deliveroo does not accept PayPal as a payment method for any orders but does accept Apple Pay and Credit/Debit cards. However, Uber Eats does accept PayPal, use code eats-willh14834ue at checkout for £10 off your order.

Why doesn’t Deliveroo accept PayPal?

I’m not sure on the exact reason as to why Deliveroo doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method but I imagine it is something to do with the high fees PayPal charges to sellers. I think that if Deliveroo were to add PayPal they might not be able to keep the prices as low as they are currently.

Deliveroo Payment Methods

Adding a payment method on Deliveroo

Even though PayPal isn’t an option on Deliveroo, you can still add other payment methods.

To do this, open the Deliveroo app, go to your account and click ‘Payment Methods‘. From here you can add a new payment method as well as delete any previous methods you added.