Do projectors work on black walls? (With white wall comparison)

Home cinemas are becoming increasingly popular because they are cheap to set up and super fun to use. One of the main things people are trying to understand is what colour wall you should project the image onto. Today, I’ll be showing you if projectors work on black walls and how they match up to the main alternative; white.

All projectors work on black walls and surprisingly, they work even better than white walls. This is mainly because there is no reflection from ambient light.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about why this is the case, keep reading!

Black vs White

The majority of people (including myself) initially think that projectors work best on white walls/screens since most of the time when you see one being used, it’s on a white background.

Interestingly, new research has found that black walls are better for projecting onto since they don’t reflect any of the ambient light nearby. For this reason, they tend to provide a clearer, more rich image than white walls.

Below is a video of a comparison between using a projector on a black wall and a white one.

Benefits of using a black wall

There are several benefits which lead to an overall better image when using a black wall for your projector, here’s a summary.

  • Less reflection
  • Deeper colours
  • Less image wash
  • Better colour saturation