Do Hoverboards Work on Carpet? (With Real Footage)

Hoverboards are renowned as a dangerous and futuristic gadget by thousands across the globe but many aren’t sure whether or not they work on Carpet. In this post, I’ll be answering this question for you with my first-hand experience (yes, I have owned one in the past and it was great fun).

Yes, the majority of Hoverboards work on carpet, although, you cannot go as quickly on carpet compared to other harder surfaces. The effectiveness of a Hoverboard on carpet is dependent on the size of the wheels and motor.

Why do they work on carpet?

You can ride a Hoverboard on a carpeted surface due to the large motor and wheels. This, paired with your weight which pushes down on the carpet, ensures that the Hoverboard can freely move forwards or backwards.

Should you use a Hoverboard inside?

You should only use a Hoverboard where there is adequate space to do so – it’s basic common sense really. Make sure that there aren’t any sharp corners/objects in the area.

Carpets can be better to learn on

Carpets can, in fact, serve as a better surface to learn how to ride a Hoverboard on.

The reason behind this statement is that carpets provide a less-sensitive ride as well as acting as a better cushion than a hard surface if you were to fall.

5 Tips for using a Hoverboard on carpet

Now that you know you can use your Hoverboard on the carpet, it’s time to give it a go.

  1. Wear protective gear (helmet, knee support etc.)
  2. Ensure that the carpeted surface is large enough and that there are no dangerous obstacles in the area
  3. Make sure somebody is watching you
  4. Take it slow
  5. Extend your arms to the side for more balance

Oh – and one more thing. Make sure that the wheels aren’t dirty – you might get a nasty stain on the carpet!

Real footage of a Hoverboard on carpet

Below is a video of somebody riding a Hoverboard on the carpet – showing that it can be done.

Child Riding Hoverboard on Carpet

Final word

Enjoy using your Hoverboard – but remember to stay safe at all times, you don’t want to hurt yourself on one of these things (trust me!).

If you found this article helpful or have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment below.