Do GoPros have Night Vision? (With Real Video)

Looking to record something in the middle of the night with your GoPro and wondering; ‘do GoPros have night vision?’. In this guide, I’ll uncover the truth about the GoPro night vision capabilities.

As standard, GoPros do not have night vision capabilities. That being said, some models have an option called ‘Night Lapse’ which lets you take a photo lapse at night. It’s also possible to add night vision to your GoPro.

To learn more about how to add night vision to your GoPro, keep reading.

Reasons to use night vision on the GoPro

Most people who own a GoPro don’t need to film at night, but of course, there are some users who need to record footage in the pitch black. Here’s a few real-life examples of why you might need night vision capabilities on your GoPro.

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Camping

How to add night vision on a GoPro

So as I mentioned above, if you’re super intent on getting Night Vision on your GoPro, you can convert it. The main way of doing this is by purchasing and using an add-on like the ‘NVD Adapter for GoPro Hero Cameras‘ by TNVC.

Here’s a short video of the result of using the aforementioned GoPro night vision adapter:

GoPro Night Vision