Do Dashcams Record Audio? (Answered)

Dashcams are becoming more and more popular as they are a great way of showing what really happened in the case of an accident in your vehicle. Initially, you would think that you only need footage and not audio, but it can in fact be handy for understanding what really happened. For this reason, a lot of people wonder whether or not dashcams record audio, I did some research on this and am about to share it with you.

Most dashcams don’t record audio but there are a select few which are audio compatible. If you are looking for a dashcam with audio, you should ask the reseller before purchasing as most of the time they do not come with a microphone.

Why do you need audio?

There are a few reasons as to why you might need an audio recording as well as video one from your dashcam. It mainly comes down to the fact that dashcams with audio are more reliable forms of evidence, therefore it can never be a bad thing to have.

More conclusive

As I’ve mentioned above, evidence with more layers and information tends to be more conclusive and trusted. You may be able to get new information about the incident from the audio recording, such as beeping horns or loud engines to corroborate your video evidence from the dashcam.

Easier to follow

We’re used to seeing a video with audio, therefore it is easier to understand what is going on in the clip if audio is present. This can help with understanding the situation and what really went on.

Catch road-rage

Road rage is all too common in this day and age, even if you make an honest mistake, you’ll most likely have someone shout at you with their window down or flip you the bird. Having audio helps you get evidence of this which you may be able to use as evidence in your favour.

Best Dashcam that records audio

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s rare to find a dashcam that records audio, but of course, there are a few on the market available for you to buy. I was actually looking for one with audio last year myself, and the one I went for ended up being really reliable, I use it every day.

The dashcam in mention is the Old Shark Dash Cam.

It’s decently priced and easy to setup.