Do AirPods have a Mic? (Revealed)

Thinking about buying AirPods but hesitating because you’re not sure if they have a mic or not? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.

Yes – AirPods do have a microphone which allows you to make/take phone calls as well as use Siri. There is a noise-reducing microphone located towards the bottom of each AirPod.

Where are the Mics located?

As an AirPod owner, I have often wondered this myself, so I did some research to find out a bit more about the microphones on AirPods.

Every pair of AirPods has 2 noise-reduction microphones which can be found at the bottom of the main shaft of each AirPod.

AirPod Mic Location

More about AirPod mics

Apple is well known for designing each product to the highest possible level and AirPods are no different.

Who would think that a simple product like earphones could be so flawlessly designed?

The microphones on AirPods have been designed to give the user the best overall experience.

Each mic on the AirPods has noise-reduction technology to ensure that background noise is cut out as much as possible as well as being placed in the closest position to the mouth. There is also a small metal guard over each microphone which protects the mic from being broken.