Can QR Codes be Colored? (Revealed)

Some say QR codes are a thing of the past, but they are, in fact, still widely used for various things such as Bitcoin wallet addresses, virtual business cards and connecting to WiFi networks. One of the most common questions I see about QR codes is; ‘can they be colored?’ Look no further, I’m about to answer this question for you.

Yes, QR codes can be any color so long as the contrast between the colors is strong enough. You can use an unlimited amount of colors in a QR code and it will still work.

It’s all about contrast

The way QR codes work is by detecting the difference between the colors within the shape. For QR codes to work, the contrast needs to be large enough so that the device being used to read the code can differentiate between the colors provided.

The background doesn’t have to be white

Yes, you read that right – even the background of the QR code can be colored as long as the contrast is big enough as I’ve mentioned above.

How to create colored QR codes

There are a number of tools out there which you can use to make colored QR codes, but my favourite, by far, is the QR Code Monkey.

Colored QR Code on QR Code Monkey

This tool lets you make colored QR codes from URLs, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Bitcoin Addresses and much more.

To use QR Code Monkey, just enter the information you want to make a QR code for (e.g Web URL) and then click ‘Create QR Code‘.

And to top it off – it’s 100% free to use and you can download the QR codes in PNG form instantly.