Can a NutriBullet Crush Ice? (With Video)

The NutriBullet makes everything from smoothies, kale soup and pretty much anything you can imagine but can it crush ice? Your search for an answer is about to stop here. I tested this out for myself and here are the results.

NutriBullets can’t really crush ice. All the crushed fine ice which is made from the blending sticks together and you get large lumps of ice which are no more useful than the initial ice cubes.

There’s a bit more to it though, so keep reading!

NutriBullet Crushing Ice

How to Crush Ice with a NutriBullet

There are steps you can take to crush the ice to the best of your ability with a NutriBullet, but I recommend using a proper ice crusher if you want to get good quality crushed ice.

Use fewer cubes

First off, I filled up the whole NutriBullet container with ice cubes and then attempted to blend it. Spoiler: it didn’t work at all, there wasn’t enough space for the ice to move and then break the next pieces. So the next time I did it, I only put 5-6 ice cubes in and then tried again. Fewer cubes worked much better than the full container as there was room for the ice to move whilst it was blending.

The smaller the cubes, the better

The larger the ice cube you put into the NutriBullet, the harder it is for the machine to blend it. I recommend buying smaller ice cubes, and then you’ll get a drastically better quality of crushed ice.

Pulses are best

Doing the blending in pluses (holding down for 3-5 seconds, taking a short break and then going again) works a lot better than just leaving it on for 30 seconds.

Shake in-between

Every now and then during the process, take the container off and give ita hard shake, this moves the ice around so that it blends the unblended parts if that makes sense.