Can you use Bluetooth on a Plane? (Revealed)

Taking a flight can be a boring and unenjoyable experience for some; no leg room, cold air among mainly being restricted from moving for a long period of time. In-flight entertainment is usually pretty sparse, especially with shorter flights. For this reason, many people choose to use their own devices to keep them occupied, for example watching downloaded films and listening to music. Many modern devices use Bluetooth to interact with each other, and many people are naturally wondering “Can you use Bluetooth on a plane?”.

Most of the time you can use Bluetooth on a plane so long as you don’t use it during landing or take off. It also depends on the airline if you can use Bluetooth in-flight; the majority of the time you can if it is no larger than a smartphone.

Is it legal?

Technically, any large device which uses short-wave radio signal like Bluetooth or WiFi is not legal to use on flights after a ban imposed in 2017 due to fears of the devices interfering with the flight’s navigational equipment. Now you’re probably thinking; “what defines ‘large’?”. Well according to the restrictions, anything smaller than a smartphone is most likely okay to travel with.

Check Airline’s Policy

Before you travel, it is always good practice to check with the airline you will be travelling with to make sure that they permit the use if any Bluetooth device, and if so, when they permit the use of such devices. I did some research into some of the most popular Airlines policies regarding the use of Bluetooth on their planes in-flight and here’s what I found:

British Airways: Yes, so long as flight mode is enabled

easyJet: Yes, so long as flight mode is enabled

Ryanair: Yes, so long as flight mode is enabled

American Airlines: Yes, so long as flight mode is enabled

JetBlue: Yes, so long as flight mode is enabled

Most airlines follow the same policy as those listed above, it is usually okay to use Bluetooth devices like earphones as long as you don’t turn them on during landing or take-off and that they are no bigger than a smartphone like the iPhone.