Are Remote Control (RC) Cars Allowed on Airplanes?

Thinking about taking your remote control car on holiday and wondering; will it be allowed on the plane? I’m about to help you answer this question so you can get on with the rest of your travel preparations.

In general, no, remote control cars are not allowed on airplanes. This is due to their batteries causing potential fires in the hold. You may be able to take your RC car if you separately send the batteries to your destination.

To learn a little bit more about taking your RC on an aircraft, carry on reading.

The car is, the battery isn’t

Remote control cars without batteries are pretty harmless when it comes to taking them to the skies. The issue comes with the batteries which run them, they are usually something called lithium metal and lithium-ion/polymer batteries and can be dangerous to leave unattended in checked baggage.

This shouldn’t stop you from taking your RC car though, you can always send the battery in a separate package and then pack the main body of the car in your luggage.

It depends on the location

Depending on where you are travelling to/from, the regulations surrounding taking an RC car on the plane may differ.

US Domestic Flights: According to the TSA, RC cars are allowed in ‘Checked‘ and ‘Carry On Bags‘ for internal flights (although as mentioned above, the battery may be prohibited).

I was unable to find any official information about other nations, but I am pretty sure the same rule will apply: car yes, battery no. Before you fly, you should always check with the airport you are travelling from as they will be able to best advise on your situation.

Tips for travelling transporting your RC car

Although I don’t personally own an RC car, I can see how one would want to take it on their travels. You may be able to drive it in some cool, new conditions and test out how good it really is (as well as passing the time on a boring holiday…).

I asked around some people I knew with RC cars to ask them how they travel with it and what they do in particular to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

Use bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is great for keeping things safe from direct shock, you can usually pick this up from your local hardware store or you might even have some laying around in your home somewhere!

Pack batteries separately

I know, I sound like a bit of a broken record – but this is an important point. No matter if you’re taking the RC car on a plane or in the car, you should still remove the batteries and pack them separately. This way, you will keep the car safe from fire and ensure that you can sort the fire out quickly if there is on.

Box it

Don’t just leave your remote control car without any protection, how would you like it being shoved in a bag and shipped off? Just grab a large cardboard box and fill it with packing materials before putting the RC car in and topping off with some more soft material.

Are RC Cars allowed on Airplanes? (Video)